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Hear it from our clients!

Cobalt Testimonials

So what is it like working with Cobalt?

Hear it from our clients, who describe the process and the finished product.

The Norwoods

“We had a general desire to find someone we trusted. Thankfully we came across Cobalt and they were super warm. They embody that it was less about them and more about the client experience.” – Ben Norwood

The Longs

“They think of every single detail. They make you feel like your project is important to them, no matter how small. They were very cognizant of cost and always came with options. They did a great job.” – Curry Long

The Pettys

“I would say thorough [and responsive] would describe our experience with Cobalt.”

“I think the relationships we have with [Cobalt] and the professionalism in which they built the house is miles above everything else. Every step along the way Cobalt has only reinforced that we made the right choice.”

Happy Reviewer

Happy Officer

Happy reviewer is super excited being part of happy addons family